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Introducing the Harley Davidson X440 Side Stand Extender, a must-have accessory for your Harley Davidson X440 motorcycle. Buy the new Harley X440 Side Stand Extender from Zana to enhance your bike's stability and ensure it remains upright on any surface. This rust-free product is crafted with premium quality and features a CNC and laser-cut bottom surface for a sleek look. The Harley Davidson X440 Side Stand Extender is not only durable but also easy to install, requiring no additional modifications to your bike. The Harley X440 sidestand shoe provides improved stability, preventing your bike from sinking into soft or uneven surfaces. This essential accessory allows you to park your motorcycle confidently and avoid accidental falls and potential damage. With the Harley Davidson X440 Side Stand Extender, you get a high-quality, stylish solution to your parking concerns. Invest in the best side stand extender for your Harley Davidson X440 today and enjoy the benefits of enhanced stability and peace of mind.